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The company's growth is difficult to imagine without the help of numerous customers and partners. Many of them have been cooperated with us before and know about our capabilities, they helped us in shaping of business strategy and bringing the first investment in trust management. Today, any of our clients can be our partner and even earn through affiliate link. After registration each user receives a unique affiliate link (which contains his username). You can use this link for registration of new investors. Just send this link to your friend via email. Once your friend clicks a link and signs up, he becomes your referral.

Every deposit of your referral will bring you a reward in the amount of 10% - 15% for Referral Registration this works for affiliate investors/marketers while normal investors are paid 3-10% referral commission. As an affiliate marketer you will be paid $1000 every month (you have to achieve the targeted number of referrals monthly).

How to be an Affiliate marketer

You have to sign up for an investment package fill out the affiliate Marketer’s form to instantly become an affiliate marketer. Thereafter, all you need to do is to make sure you refer at least 4 people to be getting the $1000 every month as affiliate reward.