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AIM provides an actionable 360° view of the global family office landscape - designed to increase & streamline your capital raising efforts. Within the scope of the Family Office, the personal care and familiar level and the integral administration of family assets are our main focus. The Family Office assumes the structuring and investment of your assets, with you as asset holder and initiator retaining the decision authority regarding the strategic orientation.

How can we help you?

  • Secretarial and Registration
  • Task Management
  • Core and Entity Database
  • Accounting and Investing

Clients Benefits of AIM Family Office

Peace of mind of knowing that a professional team is working for you every day, and is monitored for compliance and controls at the highest standards Time to enjoy your life instead of managing a staff of family office employees or advisors directly Comfort in knowing that the LFS team is working for you — not selling products, not trying to steer you to certain investments for firm benefit, just solely looking out for your best interest A comprehensive view of the total picture instead of trying to assemble a bunch of different reports from various advisors Ability to step back and focus on your goals and desires and communicate them for implementation instead of getting focused only on the details Comfort in knowing that the family is able to access the wide range of special investment opportunities only available to high net worth families